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Architectural Photography

Working with an Architectural Photographer: Photographer Directory

If you require professional images of an exterior or an interior architectural space the best choice is to contact a professional photographer who specializes in Architecture photography.  Below are the types of things that a professional photographer specializing in Interior Design and Architecture will have to be awaire of.  

As the client, you will be resoncible for making sure the home or commercial space is "photo ready"  Refer to magazines for examples.

The first thing you should do when entering a architectural space is to “take it all in”.  Walk around the space and look at all of the different angles that are possible and how the different angles will affect the final image.

If you are photographing an entire home or a space with multiple rooms ask if the owner or your client if they can walk you around to see the space.

    • Where are the windows?  What direction are they facing?
    • Lights (on dimmers?) (color balance)
    • Outlets
    • Accessories
    • Furniture
    • Wall Art
    • Vertical or Horizontal (your client might need both)
    • Focal Length
    • Image frame and Composition  (showing flow)         

Always start with the widest angle of each space.  Once you have lit the “whole room” you will be able to shoot tighter and more detailed angles without changing the lighting very much.

Capture all images you need from one direction before changing to the other side of the room for the opposite angle.  That way you will not have to keep moving your lights from one side to the other and back again.

Ready to shoot:

Determine your exposure: 

Ambient Exposure

Are their sources of light that you can not change the brightness of?  (windows, lights)

How much ambient exposure do you want to rely on vs.added light (strobe)

What mood do you want?  What is outside the windows?

Added Light

Tungsten or Flash

Daytime with windows ------  Flash

Dusk with windows ------- Tungsten

No windows  ------- Flash or Tungsten

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